Understanding about Dissolvable stitches in Adult Circumcision

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There are certain important processes that are vital parts of all kinds of surgeries. The most crucial part of which is the closing of the organ or part of the boy that was opened; so that the surgeons could operate on them. For this purpose, sutures are used to stitch it up.

What to understand about Dissolvable stitches?

The one kind of suture that is used on nearly all surgeries especially Adult Circumcision is the dissolvable sutures. As the name suggests these can easily dissolve into the skin and organ that is applied to. The immune system of the body breaks down the stitches because it is perceived as a threat to the body.

How many kinds are there to use?

The best quality of these sutures is that the patients don’t have to go to the hospital and circumcision centers to remove it. They are dissolved inside the body; although there are a few stitches that require a visit to the medical facility. Surgeons and patients can choose among the following four types;

The Gut

Most commonly known as catgut sutures; are made from the small intestines of goats, sheep,  and cattle. It is safe to use because many of the people are able to digest the various parts of these. So the body will automatically give a positive response to the sutures manufactured by them.

Polydioxanone (PDS)

There are several materials in the world that are biodegradable and its reaction with the human body is not dangerous at all. This suture is made from synthetic material but it has no risk to the patient applied to. It is so much safe that it is used on surgeries involving children.

Poliglecaprone (MONOCRYL)

Another kind of synthetic suture that can easily absorb in the tissues of the body. This is the best option that circumcision doctor chooses for their patients because it helps to close the skin in such a manner that it looks invisible and leaves no scars.

Polyglactin (Vicryl)

This absorbable suture is considered to be stronger than the catgut. The enzymes in the body help to break it down and then it is dissolved int the body. After the wound is healed the process of absorption is very quick and the thread is strong.

How they are different from other types of sutures?

The other kinds of sutures are those that have to e removed by a surgeon when the wound of the patient has completely healed. There are several types of non-absorbable sutures that are also recommended for circumcision surgery by surgeons at clinics like Circumcision Center.

For what other surgeries dissolvable stitches are used?

Other than circumcision surgery the dissolvable stitches are used for surgical procedures that include;

  1. Oral Surgeries
  2. Reconnecting tissues and muscles
  3. Skin Drafting
  4. Abdominal surgeries
  5. Cesarean and other deliveries
  6. Childbirth causing vaginal tearing

When it is used in Adult Circumcision Surgery?

Adult circumcision surgery is a simple procedure in which the surgeon cuts off the extra piece of foreskin that is covering the penis. The surgeon cuts off the skin once the right length of skin to be removed is determines. The dissolvable sutures are then used to stitch up the cut skin with the penis.

How much time is taken for the stitches to dissolve?

The healing time of the stitches depends upon the following three factors;

  1. Type of stitches used.
  2. The body chemistry of the patient.
  3. Kind of wound to stitch up.

The circumcision surgery is a minor one so the average time of healing is shorter than other operations.

What care must be taken after the application?

Although the dissolvable stitches are much easier to handle but still care must be taken so that you can avoid infection;

  1. Replace the wound dressing
  2. Listen carefully to the circumcision doctor
  3. Shower after 24 hours of applying the stitches
  4. Always keep the penis dry
  5. Don’t use soap
  6. Wearing loose fitted clothes
  7. No activity involving exertion

Should the stitches be removed by the patient?

Under no circumstances should the patient try to remove the stitches by himself. There is practically no need to do so as the stitches dissolve into the body and vanish after some time; when the wound is healed. But there are times when removing the sutures is necessary; even then the patient must immediately visit the doctor or clinic.

Are there complications that might follow?

Every surgery has its complications and that also goes for the dissolvable stitches; if they are not taken well care of.

  1. The wound becomes reddish, warm and swollen.
  2. Extreme pain in the stitches area
  3. Discharge of puss
  4. Unpleasant smell
  5. Sudden fever
  6. Reopening of the wound
When is the best time to see a doctor?

If any of the following complications occur and it is at its extreme then you have to visit your doctor right away. Any kind of delay can worsen the situation. Also, it may happen that the stitches might come loose, pop and break even after a successful Adult Circumcision Surgery. You should not panic but immediately make a visit to the surgeon; so that he can take control and reduce the risk of further problems.

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