Fish Keeping the Thrifty Way

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For many people keeping an aquarium ends up to be a costly hobby. With the wealth of information freely available it generally does not need to be this way any longer. You can find several ways to minimize the expenses encountered by those setting up a new fish tank.

Starting with the aquarium itself is the best place to cut costs. Used units are plentiful in several size from places like newspaper classifieds and weekend yard sales. You should be sure the tank is still watertight. If in doubt ask if owner is willing to fill the tank with water as a test.

In regards to gravel, many aquarium substrates at the local pet shop will also be sold from landscape suppliers at a fraction of the cost. River gravel is especially suitable because of it’s rounded edges and low solubility. You should wash the gravel over thoroughly to eliminate just as much dust as possible. This could mean rinsing it in a bucket often before the water stays clear.

The spot to get aquarium products has traditionally been from pet shops. In the past decades more individuals have been seeking their fish equipment from weekend markets and online sellers. Most fish keepers is likely to be amazed at the price difference between these sources and typical pet shops.

When setting up the aquarium it is better not to pay for additives to simply help spawn biological filtration. These bacterial starter cultures aren’t mandatory for a successful fish tank. Follow a water cycling process using small quantities of hardy fish. Alternately you could add tiny amounts of ammonia to the water as a replacement for fish waste. This method is known as fishless water cycling and can be achieved using any pure ammonia product from a grocery store.

The aquarium ornaments you utilize do not need to be straight off the shelf. Only a little imagination costs nothing. Any dinnerware safe ceramic piece would work as decoration. Teapots are one such ceramic example that will make your tank an original fish home Driftwood that you can collect at a beach outing is another way to furnish your aquarium is cheaply. Alternately a couple of scattered rocks and terracotta pots are only what makes plenty of cichlids feel at home.

These are just a few ideas to explore but there are a variety of other money saving ideas readily available for your aquarium.

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